We are moving to a new bidding platform. To bid in December, please go to and create an account. We'll move the sign-up page to our own website in the next few weeks.

Auction Walkthrough Preview

Check out this month's video walkthrough to see a visual preview of the cars and trucks coming up for auction.

This is an abandoned auto auction at the city impound lot. You won't know if the vehicles run until after you buy them. Most do not have keys. All the info we have about the vehicles is on the website.
You won't get a Title from us. The city impound lot will mail you a MO Abandoned Property Bill of Sale. The Bill of Sale is an official city document. You must contact the impound lot if you have any issues.
When you win (and pay), we give the Impound Lot the address that's in your HiBid account. If it's not correct, you won't get your Bill of Sale. Please allow three weeks from the auction close for it to arrive. (NOTE: when filling your information, leave the Company field blank unless you are buying for a dealership. You will need to email us a copy of your current dealer license if you're buying as a dealer.)
Each bid you place is a BINDING and enforceable contract. You can't retract bids. There is a permanent for non-payment- this may prevent you from bidding at all auctions on HiBid's website.
The auction opens on the second Tuesday of every month. It closes on the third Tuesday. It will close one lot at a time, every seven seconds, starting at 5:00 pm Central. There is a 3-minute soft close on each lot - it will wait for three minutes to pass with no bids before closing. We expect all lots to be closed by 6:30 pm Central.
Payment is due on the day after the auction closes. Cash or cashier's check is due by 4:30 pm at the tow lot. Wire or ACH is due by 2:00 pm. We don't accept cards, money orders, or other types of checks. There is a 10% online fee applied to your total bid amount and a $25 per car buyer's premium. We require all bidders to submit ACH info. If we have not received payment by 4:30 pm, we will debit the invoice amount from your bank account. If you pay by ACH, your receipt will arrive via email on Tuesday morning after the auction.
Vehicles must be towed off the lot. You can use your equipment or hire a professional. You or the tow driver need to bring a copy of your paid invoice. Take a picture of it if you have a paper copy. Neither Official Auctions nor the impound lot has towing or loading equipment for you to use. We also do not ship.
You are responsible for all additional fees and costs, including towing, transport, getting a key made, safety inspection, vehicle repair, sales tax, titling, and registration. While almost every customer can obtain a title, we can not and do not guarantee that you will be able to.