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Auction services from Official Auctions guarantees you receive top quality service, quick turn-around and the highest visibility for your farm and industrial equipment, trailers, heavy trucks, construction equipment, vehicles, real estate, and more.  Auction service accelerates the sale of your items and property by generating additional consumer interest and activity and creates a sense of urgency.


We auction all types of equipment, from farm equipment, trailers, heavy trucks, construction machinery, commercial equipment, real estate, vehicles and more.


A key advantage of auctioning your equipment with Official Auctions is the benefits of customized advertising and marketing programs. Auction marketing typically consists of print advertisements, targeted direct mail, e-mail marketing, signs, and listings on our website, as well as other websites.  What this means to you is that your equipment is exposed to the widest possible buyer audience, thereby increasing your possibilities of a successful sale at the highest possible price.


Listed below are just a few benefits from utilizing auctions via Official Auctions:

  • An auction puts focus solely on your items and property.
  • Seller sets the day of the auction.  You know when your property will be sold.
  • Seller sets the terms of the auction.
  • No limit on the upside potential of the sale.  Realize the true market value of your items and property.
  • Eliminate prolonged negotiations and guesswork.
  • Buyers compete to own and all offers are presented at the auction.

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